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Welcome to Choice Checks. We have partnered with one vendor for all of our business checks and other products to make our choices more uniform and easy to understand. With the business changes, we are proud to have lower prices, more options and easier user experience site wide.

Choice Checks is excited to offer three security levels for imprinted business checks. All of our custom business checks offer 20 colors, over 50 pantographs, and 50 border options. Not only that, but the business checks have up to 16 security features. Our tier 1 and 2, ships in 3 business days, and our tier 3 ships in 5 business days.

Blank checks, start at 250 qty, and up to 16 security features. Choice Checks offers linen, Marble, Scallop Void, Prismatic, and holograms business blank checks. They are shipped out in 1 business day. 

Yes, All of our business checks are updated with the latest ANSI rules to make sure your business checks clears the bank. When we are imprinting your business checks. We will use long border, to make your cheeks look more professional that is still ANSI compliance. 

While you're ordering business checks, dont forget to order deposit slips, and deposit bags. Are you starting up a new business? We have a huge way of saving money. Order jump start laser kit. The starter kit contains 250 One-part imprinted standard laser checks (linen or marble background), 100 Double window self-seal envelopes, 50 Two-part deposit tickets, 10 Security deposit bags and 1 Endorsement stamp.

Do you buy a lot of envelopes and business checks? We have a way you can save money and productivity. That is to use a pressure sealer machine. Buy the pressure sealer documents you may need, Print, and then put them into the pressure sealer machine. You're done. Thousands of checks/ documents printed, and then sealed, ready to be mailed in a matter of minutes. The pressure sealer machines will save you so much time and money in the long run. It takes a moment to use it, vs printing checks, buying envelopes, and them mailing it. Select the pressure sealer machine according to your business needs. Small to large. Feel free to email us for a sample of the pressure sealer document you may need. Make sure it's what you need before buying. 

With every repeat order. Your business will be able to save 5% on each order except the pressure sealer machines. Business checks, deposit slips, quickbooks checks, blank checks, envelopes, and pressure seal documents. They all get 5% off. Let us know how we can help you today with your business checks needs. Even if we don't have something listed on our site and you need it. Let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you. 

Choice Checks believes in customer service and were glad to help you in any way that we can. We are very responsive even after hours and on the weekends. Just email us and we’ll reach back out to you.