Free Shipping Coming Soon and price updates

First of June, 2019. We are going to be introducing Free Shipping on everything. Pulp prices have hit us hard. They have increased up to 21%. It has spiked significantly. It is impacting every business in the industry - from paper mills and converts to consumer paper products manufactures and business document providers like us. Its frustrating to all of us affected, we feel its important to you know what is driving the increases. There are several factors.

  • Pulp prices are up 21% on average in 2018 and are expected to increase 6.5% this year.
  • Major paper mills in North America have either reduced production, scaled back operations, or closed entire facilities.
  • A spike in manufacturing cost has promted these paper producers to raise prices 4 times in the 11 months
  • The price of shipping (diesel fule) rose 11% from a year ago, greatly increasing freights costs.
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Its good to have your business secure, so why not have your checking account secured and protected

If you have your business protected, why not have your business checks protected as well. The bank can protect you only to a certain extent, so its up to you for more protection. The business checks must have certain security features for your protection. You can use this for bulk blank business checks, or imprinted business checks.

The Ultra high business checks has Hologram built into the check. Its impossible to copy, edit, or erase. If you order over 10,000 qty, it can be customized to your business.

The high security hologram bulk blank checks are made from 24# paper, 1 part only and available in Top, Center or Bottom Checks.

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