Now we are able to save your money and make payments quickly and easy with our Echeck program


Speed, Convenience and Efficiency

Now, with just a few keystrokes, you can create and send out an unlimited number of eChecks in seconds. The people you pay receive bona fide checks they can endorse and deposit just like always. Sign up today!.

eChecksPro is the latest innovation in payments
  • Can be sent instantly to anyone with an email address
  • Work with your existing checking account
  • Are compatible with your current accounting software
  • Come with patented fraud prevention built right in
  • Can save you $1.00 or more per check

From account activation to
check verification, the
secure processes within
eChecksPro were developed
to protect your business
from fraud or theft.

Your accounting software,
combined with our easy-to-use
system, makes it
simple to create a check run
including remittance data and
get it done fast.

eChecksPro can save you
$1.00* or more per check,
giving you a more affordable
payment processing option

Ready to get started?
Click Here to sign up today.

*Assumes 18¢ per check, 15¢ per envelope, 49¢ postage, 1¢ for toner and $1.20 for labor. Note: labor estimated at $30K annual salary, 52 weeks, 40 hour weeks, 5 minutes of labor for paper, 2 minutes for eChecks (70% less). _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Unlike Other Online Solutions, Anyone Can Send or Receive eChecksPro

Payees aren't required to enroll to receive eChecksPro, so you can send payments to anyone. No other online payment solution offers that convenience.

Paying with eChecks:
All you need is your Payee's email address, which means even people without banking accounts can receive eChecksPro.

Receiving eChecks:
Notifications of eCheckspro payments arrive in your email with a link to retrieve the eChecksPro. Once there, you'll have the option to sign up for an account or "continue as a guest" and print your check.


How do eCheck Works?

Using eCheck or Echecks. Its very easy, Simple and nothing complex at all. You have a computer, email, and printer. You can receive echeck easily.


Send Check

Sender logs in and fills out a echeck, enters recipient's email for delivery.

  Receive Check

eCheck is not attached to the email; recipient retrieves check from our secure online system.

  Print Check

Recipient simply opens and prints the echeck.

  Deposit Check

Recipient deposits or cashes check at any bank, just like a traditional paper check.


Control Cash Flow: Manage your fund balance with increased control over when bills are paid.
Go Green: Send your checks via email and you’re saving paper on envelopes and check stock.
Access from Anywhere: Send and receive payments anywhere from anytime on your laptop, PC or mobile device.
Save Time & Money: From envelopes to postage to the time spend preparing your checks, you’ll see significant savings.
Send Remittance Detail: Include a free form delivery message and/or send up to 8 fields of remittance data with each payment.
Add Members to Your Accounts: Assign permissions to others, defining what functions they can perform (Create checks, sign checks, process payments recovered, etc.)
Complete Historical Record: View payments sent and received in one centralized online system.


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