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Are you starting a new business?

Are you starting a new business?

Choicechecks Admin |

Are you starting a new business? Accounting tips that you do need to know about to help you get started. Choosing business checks, accounting supplies, printers, deposit slips, envelopes and more.

Starting a new business can be really hard with all of the ideas, fees and so much more. This will help you to make a good choice, but don’t forget to always ask questions as well. The more you ask. The more you know that will work better for your needs. Not all business needs are the same either.

Accounting Software:

Before selecting your business checks. Knowing what your accounting program is and what kind of checks it will print on. Does it need a check on top, middle, bottom, or 3up. Do a test sample on a blank piece of paper to see. Ask the company what format to use. Making sure of this will help your selection of checks go easier.


If you’re printing your business checks. Use laser printers instead of inkjet. WHY? Using laser printers will fuse the imprint to the check that will make it impossible for someone to chemically alter your business check if mailed.

Inkjet printers are great to use, but also the imprint isn’t all that clear and could bleed the writing making it blurry. Inkjet printers won’t bond the ink to the paper like laser printers do. So that can become a security issue there.

Deposit slips and tickets:

There's such a huge selection of deposit tickets and slips. They are available in Quickbooks Deposit Tickets format. You put the deposit paper into your printer, and it will print your deposit information onto the sheet, and then you can put it with your checks/cash to deposit at the bank. Same principle with the Sage50 (Formally peachtree) accounting software.

Then there are the deposit slips/tickets that are loose or booked. Those are manual where you write your info into the slips. They are available in 1 part, 2-part, 3 part or 4 parts.


Envelopes can be tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for or wanting to use. You can use a single window, double window, or plain envelope. Most common is the the #9 envelopes that will fit your checks snug.  

With the DW (Double window) you can have your business checks imprinted with your logo, so it will show through the envelope. Single window envelopes and plain can have your logo imprinted on the envelope.

Having your company logo on everything will make your business stand out and look more professional.

Now that you know about printers, deposit tickets, envelopes. Heres some final information about your business checks.

Most don’t know that business checks have certain security features with them. The prices of the checks will determine your Quantity, your ordering, and security features. When ordering business checks, you want to save more. Do order more quantities, as the price per check will go down.

Order the right check with the security features you need. There are up to 16 security features that can be on a business checks.

Business Checks Customization is another important thing you want to look at. Not only the security features, but you can even have your business logo imprinted for free as well.

Select up to 50 Pantographs, then there are border options, and 20 colors to select from.

Pantographs are what style. Do you want to have a marble overlay, lattice, wave, or herringbone look to the check.

Then there’s the borders, you can select a basic or to a fancy border of your business checks.

Colors. That is what color you want the overlay and style to be.

There is one option you can select as well if you want the lines on the check to be colored as well, but that will be in the tier 3 high security feature selection only.

The MICR line. (Check number, routing number and account numbers) will always be printed in MICR ink so it can be accepted by the bank and no issues.

Can you print your own business checks? The honest answer is yes. You can do that, but you need to have your own check printing software (not talking about quckbooks or peachtree). You must have blank business checks, and MICR toner to buy as well. NO you cant use the regular toner to print with. WHY? Because the MICR ink is a special ink that the banks use to scan the checks to clear your checking account. IF it’s not MICR compatible, then your check may not be able to be processed by the bank or have a fee with it. It will cost you a lot more money to do it yourself than someone else to do it the right way.

I tell those that are starting their own business to order a Starter Kit. The starter kit has 250 one part imprinted checks (linen or marble background), 100 Double window envelopes, 50 2pt deposit tickets, 10 security bags, and 1 Endorsement stamp. All of those components are shipped to you in one box! When ordering, just select what is your accounting software and include a copy of your voided/starter check.

One last thing to help you. Always ask if you're not sure. You can ALWAYS get free samples to see it in person before ordering checks, envelopes. (Paper products only). The more you ask, the more you know and the order will be correct. 

New orders is good to make sure you have proof for accuracy. Then each repeat order doesn't need a proof, and will always start with the last check number that was used for the previous order. 

Most imprinted orders will be printed/shipped in 3-5 days and shipped ups. Any imprinted orders that are done will have a required signature for security reasons.