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Applause to US Postal Workers

Applause to US Postal Workers

Choicechecks Admin |

Ensuring your mailers reach mailboxes every day

Unlike email messages that magically (and relentlessly, I might add) appear in your inbox all day long, printed mail requires an army of dedicated United States Post Office (USPS) workers—630,000 to be exact—to deliver letters, cards, bills, direct mail and packages to mailboxes six days a week. In fact, these dedicated USPS employees are responsible for delivering over 67 billion, yes BILLION, pieces of marketing mail across 233,585 carrier routes a year.

And that’s why they deserve our appreciation (July 1st is National Postal Worker), because when you need to send invoices, statements, payroll, announcements, grade reports, direct mail and any other important mailings, you know you can count on the US postal workers to get it there.

Know who else you can count on? PSMailers!

As a complete pressure seal solution, PSMailers equipment and documents are designed to fold, seal, and mail in much less time than conventional printing and mailing processes. Much like your appreciation for US Postal Workers, you’ll appreciate the time and money you’ll save on time, supplies costs and storage space with a PSMailers system.

  • A model to meet your needs. From small businesses to large organizations, there’s a PSMailers model available to meet your productivity and budget. Find out which model is right for you here.
  • Documents and forms PSMailers documents are available in six fold styles for virtually unlimited options depending on your needs. And check out the imprint options!
  • Extras that make a difference. You can enhance your appreciation for, and investment in, PSMailers with options like dust covers, sound covers and cleaning kit. I bet your email provider can’t do that.

If you want to see the benefits of a PSMailers system in black and white, use this cost justification worksheet. You’ll see how easy and cost-effective it is to use your PSMailers system to keep hard- working postal workers busy with your self-seal mailings.

As for me, neither snow, nor rain, nor heat nor gloom of night will keep me from blogging about the virtues of PSMailers!*


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