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New Stock Prism checks are available in 9 different color choices.

15 % Off on Deposit Slips/Tickets

Good through May 31, 2024


NEW Options for 3-On-A-Page Manual Checks !

New options for 3-On-A-Page Manual Checks

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Choice Checks Provides your customers with a system that simplifies check writing and record keeping. Were pleased to announce exciting changes to our line of manual checks! We have new pantographs and colors for your customers!. 

3-On-A-Page Checks. Stay on top of your records with 3-On-A-Page checks. They are available in one or two part in several styles, colors, and background pantographs. These high-quality checks are also designed for protect you from fraud with a minimum of 6 security features. Quantities start at 150

Quick Start System. The Quick Start System saves time by including everything you need to get check writing and record keeping off to a great start!. The package consists of 3 On A Page business checks, checkbook binder, deposit tickets, a pre-inked endorsement stamp, pocket organizer and check stub storage box. Offered in 150, 300 and 600 Checks.

Compact 3 On a A Page Checks. These smaller 3 on a page checks use a detailed register instead of stubs for recording your transactions. The compact check provides a portable, effective record keeping tool that easily fits into your briefcase or laptop bag to go wherever you go. Quantities start at 150

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