New sign-in colors created

New sign-in colors created

New sign in color sheets

Last month we gave you purple sign-in sheets and had orders within two days of the announcement. Purple is another healthcare pleasing color, due to its perfect balance of the energy of red and the stability and calmness of blue. Item# W-PSGN-PUR

This week, we release the eye-catching orange! Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow and represents enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination, encouragement, and stimulation. All good vibes for a medical facility.
Offered in small quantities, and with more sign-in lines than the competition, these are great additions to our sign-in offering. Item# W-PSGN-OR

The English version in blue, burgundy, green, purple and now orange!
English/Spanish label sign-in version is offered in blue
English label sign-in version with out of the country column in blue
125 per package, 25 lines per sheet (enough forms to see 3,125 patients)

Aug 9th 2020

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