How to make sure your business makes it through this hard time

To make your business succeed during this hard time. Its going to take alot of work when you have to work from home. If you have to have the social distancing, and you have to broadcast from home to work. Then you have to make sure the kids are not loud and noisy. If your use to working in a quite office most of the time and you go home to work and hear your kids. Then that will be a distraction for you at work from home.

This is hard times we are going through. But for most small business. It's important that we are there for our customers outside of the normal working hrs. Having and giving the best customer service will make your business shine, and show that you do care. Not just strictly 9-5 and if you get an email not respond. I respond to an email if its at 11pm at night to help someone. No the phone may not be on, but if you show that you care, and show it in the email. You will make that sale and have a repeat customer for sure.

During the COVID-19. This is hard trying times. As bad as this virus is, let's show everyone that customer service is important and show that you care. Dont be greedy and try to increase your prices to get more money. That's just wrong period. Show you care. They will remember your business and come back and share it with others. It will spread just like the virus is...FAST.

IF your customer needs something. Tell them, that you'll get them a free sample if you can of a blank business checks, or check envelope. So they can see the quality of the product. Then wait and watch for the sale to come through. Ohh yea. Thats service

May 8th 2020

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