The Power of Pressure Sealer Machines

The Power of Pressure Sealer Machines

The power of the Pressure Sealer Machines.

I tend to learn life’s greatest lessons late in life (as Mrs. PSMailers Guy likes to point out). But there are some exceptions. Moving offspring #2 into her apartment recently for another year of college, reminded me of the moment I learned an important lesson back in my own college days…

There I was lounging around our dilapidated off-campus house one afternoon. Empty beverage cans and pizza boxes littered about, completing the carefree décor. I lay on the couch shooting the breeze with housemates when one of them nonchalantly said, “Hey, I thought you had a class this afternoon.” I jumped up at this sudden realization and saw that I only had a few minutes to get to class. With no time to locate my backpack or even a notebook, I grabbed a pencil and the closest thing I could find to take notes on – a paper plate – and ran out the door. Oh, you laugh (my housemates, and classmates for that matter, sure did). But not only did I make it to class on time, the notes I took on my spontaneous notepaper were instrumental in helping me study for, and pass, my mid-term exam.

Lesson learned? The power of the written word…and a clean paper plate!

In this age of digital communication and inundation, messages can get lost. Email inboxes are overflowing (with unread and spam messages), yet physical mailboxes are about a third less full than 10 years ago. That presents a great opportunity to stand out with direct marketing, especially in the education sector.

Here are a few ways school districts and higher ed institutions can use PSMailers pressure seal equipment and self-mailer documents – and the power of the printed word – to connect with students, staff and donors in these pandemic times.

  • Provide health & safety tips. The Mrs. and I felt good about taking our daughter back to campus because we knew the school was taking extra steps to ensure her health and safety. The high-volume PSM10k folder/sealer system is perfect for large universities and school districts to communicate their comprehensive safety plan, personal health tips, and updates to students and families to resume on-campus activities, safety assurances.
  • Enhance development and advancement efforts. With social distancing guidelines still in place and traditional, face-to-face outreach opportunities limited in these COVID-19 times, targeted direct mail is becoming a key component of educational institution fundraising and recruitment efforts. PSMailers can easily prepare materials needed for online auction events – mailers leading up to the event to boost participation, feature auction items, and provide bidding instructions, as well as thank-you notes to donors.
  • Communicate critical campus information. Student support services are a big part of campus life. The smaller volume PSM3000, which handles up to 3,000 pieces an hour, is great for processing a printed guide to hours of operation for offices, libraries, rec centers, food court and cafeterias, and bus schedules, just to name a few.
  • Boost school spirit with bookstore and yearbook promotions. Everyone likes getting mail…even tech-savvy Gen Y and Z students! Schools can use PSMailers to help promote bookstore promotions with printed coupons and coupon scan codes, as well as solicit yearbook sales with direct marketing that stand out in the mail.

These times are challenging, but everyone is adapting and adjusting as needed to work through the issues and opportunities of this shared pandemic experience. PSMailers is here to help businesses and organizations explore new and effective ways to communicate with their customers and target audiences. The power of the printed word has never been more powerful. Pressure Sealer Machines can do so much for your business and help you save money and time.

Yours in wisdom and paper products. Go get them pressure sealer machines and get the word out.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy PSMailer's Pressure Seal Equipment and Documents

Top 10 Reasons to Buy PSMailer's Pressure Seal Equipment and Documents

PSMailers offers many great reasons to invest and save your organization time and money. So, we have created our top ten list of reasons to bring PSMailers into your organization. Check it out and let us know if you agree.

  1. Single Source for All Pressure Seal Equipment & Document Needs
  2. Responsive Sales, Customer Service, Manufacturing & Engineering Support Teams
  3. Durably Engineered Gears Produce Long-Lasting Quality Equipment
  4. Accurate Fold Plate Guides Prevent Plate Misalignment
  5. Tolerance Guidelines Strictly Followed to Prevent Damage to Shaft and Rollers
  6. World Class Manufacturing Standards Ensure Quality Testing on All Equipment Parts & Machinery
  7. Mandatory Document Performance Test Conducted Before Every Machine Ships
  8. Quality Control Standards Continuously Monitored on All Equipment & Documents
  9. Manufacturing & Customer Service-Driven Continual Improvement Process In Place
  10. 100% Reliability Standards on All Equipment & Document Inventory and 100% Stable Pricing

Pressure Sealer machines will help you to save time and money.

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Choosing the Right Pressure Sealer Machine

Choosing the Right Pressure Sealer Machine Choosing the right pressure sealer machine can save your business money in the long run, but there are many things to take into consideration when shopping around. How much do you want to spend? Do you
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