Is cheap checks really worth buying? I would say NO. Its not worth it at all. Because your lacking the security features that would prevent you from becoming a victim of check fraud. So. I would recommend buying the High security business checks, as it has everything thrown at it for your protection. It gives you so many options, that you have nothing to worry about. Would you rather have your checked hacked.....but nothing could be done, because of the security features. OR....have a cheap check and risk your pay to the order of and the amount be changed?? Then you would be at a high risk of losing money.

With a High Security Business Checks. You'll Have These New Security Features

  1. Multi-Tonal Void Pantograph and Verification Grid. A VOID element appears, and an otherwise noticeable element disappears, when the document is copied. this provides and effective deterrent to criminals.
  2. Anti-Copy Technology. This feature makes it very difficult to copy a document on the majority of copiers in use today.
  3. False-Positive Test Area. A fluorescent lock appears when viewed under UV light

Those were the new high features, but don't forget that these business checks have a High Security Background Colors, intricate Design Border, True watermark, Foil Hologram, and Thermochromic Ink.

Fight fraud and reduce risk. Check fraud is on the rise. In fact, almost 60% of payments-fraud victims report their greatest losses from this type of crime. We have designed highly innovative solutions to protect business transaction and assets. Our High Security Business Checks, with exclusive security features help prevent reproduction by copiers or scanners and deter alteration attempts. One of the important feature on the check is Chemical Wash Detection area. Speckling or stains in lock area indicate chemical alterations attempts.

Original Document Backer. That prevents and deters cust and past alteration attempts.

So....would you risk losing money or pay a few extra cents per check, to protect your assets. YEP. I agree. Use