There is change coming soon for the 2020 Blank Business Checks. We are ready for the complete compliance for business checks and pressure seal checks.

According to new upcoming ANSI regulations, updated, all non magnetic printing with a print contrast of signal great than .30 shall be positioned outside the clear bands except for specified portion of non magnetic printed borders.

The MICR clear band shall be free of any magnetic content other than the magnetic ink used to print E-138 font MICR characters on the front of the document. Current check borders and panto's that currently meet the updates standards will remain unchanged. All standard blank imprint and stock laser borders will be updated.

ansi new complianceSo what does this mean?  The blank checks that has the thick border. The thick border on the bottom will be removed to be in compliance, but wont make your check any less professional. You may continue to use the current checks you have till you run out, but the new order will have the latest compliance on the new checks. Blank business checks are bought the most and then you can convert it into a imprinted business checks.

The new compliance on the blank business checks is great, but keep your clients updated for this subtle change. Keeping your business updated is the best to keep it safe as well.